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Project Stories

Bringing clean power to small towns in FYR Macedonia
The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia ranks near the bottom in Europe in terms of developing its hydropower potential. Almost 85 percent of the country's electricity is produced by lignite-fired thermal plants that emit large amounts of greenhouse gas, especially carbon dioxide.

This makes air pollution the most serious environmental problem threatening Macedonia today.   More...

 Training Doctors and Saving Babies in Macedonia
It all began when a concerned doctor, Professor Mirjana Kocova wrote a letter to the Macedonian Ministry of Health. She wanted to replace the run-down equipment in her hospital in Skopje and improve intensive care for babies. Her inquiry led to a review of all aspects of perinatal care by the Ministry of Health. It then turned to the World Bank to launch a nationwide project to upgrade training and care for newborn babies.   More...

Fighting unemployment in FYR Macedonia

The years 1994 - 1999 were some of the most difficult for the people of the Republic of Macedonia. The aggressive restructuring of state-owned enterprises, as well as the Kosovo crisis, left thousands of people without jobs.

While the more successful transition economies received massive inflows of investment from developed countries, investment both foreign and domestic in the Republic of Macedonia was constrained by the riskiness of the region, problems with the investment climate, and heightened perceptions of the country's political risk.  More...

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