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Following the results trail: visit of the Country Director to FYR Macedonia

The results of the hard work of individuals and institutions are sometimes difficult to comprehend when sitting in the office in the capital and running from one meeting or teleconference to another. Faced with the everyday tasks that fill up the day, one may not venture out often enough to take a look at what diligent people have put together with the World Bank’s assistance. More 



Taking a stab at country’s “green” future – a view from the new generation

Can a country develop without harming its natural resources? Is there a way for development to become a tool for preservation rather than a cause of destruction? How can Macedonia develop in a “green” way? More 


More sunlight and more heat at lower cost– GEF Sustainable Energy project

The “Sunflower” kindergarten in the Skopje settlement of Gazi Baba looks empty and odd without children’s shouts and laugh, but it’s only temporary. The Municipality of Gazi Baba, in collaboration with the Ministry of Economy and the World Bank, is replacing windows and insulating the walls in the institution, thus making it warmer and more comfortable for the children. More 


GETTING OUT OF THE CAPITAL – opening a PIC in Tetovo

     Opening a Public Information Center (PIC) at a university is probably one of the best options when it comes to starting a dialogue with the future clients.
    Opening a PIC at an international university, with 7000 students from 3 countries is even better. It adds to its value and increases the personal excitement of those who initiated it. More 


Kratovo: the town of towers and bridges

“Kratovo is one of the oldest cities in Macedonia and is one of the regions' “living museums,” – says Mite Andonovski, the Mayor of Kratovo – “it is the town on the old Byzantine road that connected Istanbul and Asia with the Western Europe’s kingdoms. Its towers and bridges remain silent witnesses of those times.” More 


Going the extra mile
Spillover effects of the Regional and Local Roads Program Support Project in FYR Macedonia

A curious citizen of Kamenjane village stops his car and asks the Mayor who are these people walking around his village. When Mayor Idrizi explains that these are World Bank people who financed the road he is driving on, the old man extends his hand to the Bank Country Manager, Lilia Burunciuc, and thanks her and the Bank team for rehabilitating the road, which was hardly drivable before. More 



Public Information Services in FYR Macedonia: Sharing Knowledge

On December 16, 2010, close to 100 people – academics, Government officials, commercial banks managers, civil society organizations and media – gathered at the Central Bank for the official opening of the Joint Public Information Center (PIC) of the Central Bank and the World Bank and to participate in an economic debate under the auspices of the newly launched PIC. More

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