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Agriculture and Climate Change
Agricultural production is inextricably tied to climate, making agriculture the most climate-sensitive of all economic sectors.  In Macedonia, the risks of climate change for the agricultural sector are a particularly immediate and important problem because the majority of the rural population depends either directly or indirectly on agriculture for their livelihoods. More 

RailwayreformRailway Reform in South East Europe and Turkey: On the Right Track? 
With a total rail network of 32,864km comparable with Germany’s 33,706km, the countries of South East Europe and Turkey operate four times less traffic (45,059 million traffic units compared to Germany’s 170,720 million traffic units). As a result of the international financial crisis that led to significant declines in traffic volumes in 2009, operational performance worsened and led to poor financial performance of the railway sector. More 
Doing business 2011Doing Business in South East Europe 2011
Doing Business in South East Europe 2011, a report of the World Bank Group, found that Skopje, Bitola and Tetovo are the best performers among 22 cities in South East Europe in the following indicators of a business lifecycle: number of days to start business, number of procedures to start a business (Skopje), days to enforce a contract (Tetovo), days to deal with construction permits (Bitola), number of procedures to deal with construction permit (Skopje) and number of procedures to register property. More 

Skills, Not Just Diplomas: The Path for Education Reforms in ECA
The decisions the Macedonians make today will determine what sort of country their children will live in tomorrow. They can continue muddling through and wait to see what the future brings; or they can actively set about creating the sort of society that other nations will envy. Such societies, the ones in which young and enterprising people want to live, cannot be conjured up overnight. This takes time and effort. Macedonia’s most precious resource is its human capital, and the most useful policy to pursue would be education, especially tertiary education. More

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